Polarise needs you!

Your favorite Nordic Film Fest in Brussels, Polarise, is looking for a volunteer for its core team.

👉 Who do we need ?

A communication and social media helper to support Polarise’s communication needs including:
– Coordination of communication strategy, planning, and discussion with our graphic designer.
– Weekly Insta/Facebook posts, higher frequency posts during and in the run up to our festival (in January 2024)
– A monthly newsletter
– Support with updating the website
– Support with the paper version of our programme
– French or Dutch would be great, but not strictly necessary
The task should take around 1-2 hours a week , more time punctually during festival times.


We will make sure that you feel part of our all volunteers team, and that you get all the support you need to get started with us. Come join us and be part of developing the newest, coolest film festival in town!

Get in touch at info(at)polarise.be before October 15!

Also, if you are interested in technical support with films, or with helping the festival find its budget, please get in touch too to find out more (for this last function, NL would be great!)

Polarise is a team of film enthusiasts set on bringing a fresh breeze of Nordic cinema to Brussels screens.